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No, He’s Not A Luckdragon

Posted in Dog Park Drama, Dog Rescue, WTF? with tags , on September 13, 2009 by JustJennyRebecca

What ever happened to “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”? I’m not talking about blogging or tweeting or anything like that, but in the real face to face world what makes random people say nasty things for no apparent reason? I understand misguided humor and people that think they are being funny. Hell, I probably think I’m a lot funnier than I actually am, but I also don’t walk up to complete strangers and insult them. Wait… Yeah, no, I’ve never done that. Without provocation. Or booze.

This morning we took Effie and Ero to the dog park. The ¬†early morning weather is fantastic now so the park is packed with the usual suspects and a lot of fresh faces, both canine and human, which I love! I bore easily. It’s a character flaw. Anyway, a woman that’s been coming to the park longer than we have approached me because one of her dogs was drinking out of our cooler. There are a few people at this park that don’t like to share their water and you never know who they are until you hear them yelling at your dog. I am not one of the stingy water hoarders. I like dogs more than people so we bring a big cooler.

The woman, whom I’ve seen many times because Effie used to play with her dogs, noticed Ero, went to pet him and called him a “funny little mutt thing”. I told her his name and Miss Rude said “Oh, he’s YOURS? What is he?” I told her his breed, but he’s a rescue so it’s really just a lot of guessing unless I do a DNA test. Miss Rude proceeded to point out all of his flaws. Thank you. I’m actually aware of his supposed “flaws” and don’t consider them as such because he’s a dog not a beauty pageant contestant, I chose him and we love him dearly.

This is where I started to take it a little personal. I had been over it; Miss Rude went to hob-knob with one of the cliques and all was good. We walked around the perimeter for a bit and sat on a bench so Effie and Ero could rest. The next thing I know Miss Rude is headed our way again, with some other chick, and says “You should’ve named him Doofus. That’s what he looks like. A doofus.” And then she turns to the other chick and says, “See, doesn’t he look weird? Doofus fits better.” They laugh and walk away.

What possessed this chick to walk across this massive park and point out my apparently stupid looking dog to someone else, I will never know. I just don’t understand people, which is another reason why I like dogs better. But, if you think that was the end of it you would be so very wrong! We walked back to the tree where I had left our cooler. Effie and Ero got their second wind and while they were playing Miss Rude came over AGAIN, WITH MORE PEOPLE IN TOW, and said to them, “See, doesn’t he look like the dog in ‘The Neverending Story’? I think his name should be ‘Doofus’. Doesn’t that fit him?”

Ero - The "Fugly and Flawed" Dog

Ero - The "Fugly and Flawed" Dog

Falkor the Luckdragon who actually *is* kinda fugly. And also imaginary.

Falkor the Luckdragon who actually *is* kinda fugly. And also imaginary.

Sweet Baby Jesus Mother Mary I’m going to kick your irritating ass.

I know he’s just a dog and not my actual child but she basically told me, and apparently the rest of the park, that Ero is the fugliest dog she’s ever seen. And she didn’t just tell everyone, she had to show them as well. I try really hard to like people. I make an effort every single day not to smack people in the face because they are mostly irritating. And more stupid than they should be. But I never, ever say it to their faces. That’s how classy I am.